Environmental Law

Industrial development profoundly changed how and where people live. Science proved beyond reasonable doubt that some ongoing changes to the environment are detrimental to human health. This led governments, companies and communities throughout the world to attempt to revert such changes, or at least to minimize their effect.

Environmental issues are so important that tackling them became a legal obligation of national states, and a condition for membership in some international organizations (such as the EU). This is also reflected in a constant evolution of standards and rules on how companies and individuals need to behave with respect to the environment, as well as in sanctions against those who do not.

We advise our clients on rules and standards they need to apply with respect to the environment, to ensure that their business operations are in line with the law, but also with local community expectations for a safe living environment. In our work, we factor in not only local legislation, but also international rules that may apply locally in the future, ensuring that clients implement a long-lasting system compliant with existing rules and that can easily harmonize itself with reasonably expected future regulation changes.

Examples of areas:

• Permits and Licences
• Identification of applicable standards
• Emission Trading
• Waste Management
• Greenhouse Gas Emissions
• Recycling

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