Competition Law

Compliance with competition law is often overlooked as businesses strive in different ways to create and maintain an edge over the competition and secure their position in the ever more competitive markets. However, any lawyer will tell you that non-compliance with competition law regulation can be very costly and create serious problems for any business, large or small. At the same time, business people are often reserved when it comes to implementing measures for the purpose of compliance, as they feel that playing it safe in order to avoid potential penalties can also hurt their business by making it less competitive.

We draw on our experience in advising clients in competition law issues across different industries as well as knowledge of European Union law and practice to provide solutions and advice which ensure compliance with the law and keep our clients safe from penalties, but not at the expense of their business success.

Examples of services:

  • Advising clients on anti-trust aspects of commercial agreements, with emphasis on clauses on pricing, rebates, exclusivity, non-compete etc.;
  • Representing clients before the Commission for Protection of Competition in investigative procedures and procedures for exemption of restrictive agreements;
  • Advising clients on anti-trust issues in public procurement procedures


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