Property Law and Real Estate

Property rights are recognized as part of the corpus of human rights in most of today’s world. At the same time, immovable property is a key element of many business activities and ventures, either as fixed asset used for business activities or as an investment, while in some cases real estate development and management is the core business itself.

Notwithstanding the emergence of digital assets, importance and value of real property continues to raise, and thus it is essential to ensure that transactions involving real estate are framed and executed in a way which is legally safe and best protects client’s interests, from beginning to the end. DNVG attorneys have strong background and experience in advising clients in transaction and other legal matters involving real estate, guiding them through all stages of the process (analyzing status of the property and identifying potential risks, drafting and negotiating transaction documents to best accommodate client’s needs and business essence of the transaction, registration of title in the competent registry and other procedures which ensure safe transfer or rights).

Examples of services:

  • Analysis of the status of the target property, identifying potential risks and providing solutions in legally complex matters;
  • Drafting transaction documents and negotiating transactions involving real estate, including sale and purchase agreements, build and lease agreements, construction agreements, typical lease agreements etc.;
  • Representing clients in administrative procedures involving property rights (conversion, legalization, obtaining of permits etc.).
  • Advising clients in relation to different matters involving collateral, such as registration and realization of mortgages and collateral on movables.




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