Corporate law

Let us imagine a person who has a business idea, wants to implement it and ultimately earn revenue from it.

Our person will first need to figure out whether to start a business venture alone or with a partner, with own or external financing, how to organize and structure a new business, which legal form to choose, how to setup management, how to lawfully use the profit earned, but also what happens if it does not work out.

Once created, a business goes on to live a life of its own. It might need to setup and coordinate internal departments, attract additional partners or financing, establish branch offices, expand internationally etc.

Ultimately, if an opportunity arises, the owner of the business may decide to sell the business to a new investor.

We help people who want to or already own a business, ensuring that each step in the business’ life is taken in compliance with law, while protecting their interests and future growth of the business. We supported, and continue to support clients in establishing their businesses, in their growth and development (whether by obtaining financing or by purchasing space and equipment), expanding to new markets, buying and merging with other businesses, transforming from a simple single-shareholder business to a part of a multinational listed group and ultimately selling the business to someone else.

Examples of Services:

• Establishment of companies / startups
• Corporate Governance
• Cross-border Transactions
• Joint Ventures
• Due diligence
• M&A
• Privatisations
• Public Takeovers
• Acquisition financing and project financing
• Cross-border and syndicated financing
• Payment services
• Corporate and financial regulatory compliance
• Compliance with foreign exchange regulations


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