Data Protection

Processing of personal data is the engine of the modern world and the driving force for world’s largest companies whose services or applications we use daily. Therefore, any misuse of personal data is a major problem and challenge for both – the persons to whom the personal data relate and the companies that process the data.

DNVG Attorneys has extensive experience in advising and representing clients in all aspects of personal data processing, especially in cross-border data transfers and processing of sensitive data as well as processing of personal data through various applications and means of communication (GPS tracking, video surveillance, etc.). We are able to provide a complete service in the field of regulations related to the protection of personal data and thus harmonize business with domestic regulations and GDPR, protecting your business from significant sanctions and negative reputation.

Different obligations in the field of personal data protection should be applied by each company which:

• Has employees and stores CVs of employment candidates;
• Collects contact information of its customers or consumers;
• Has GPS tracking in vehicles or video surveillance;
• Exchanges personal information with other entities;
• Collects sensitive personal data (data on health status, vaccination, etc.)


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